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“So I really enjoy WYLD gummies. They are gummies, they’re all fruit made from actual fruit. They have a variety of kinds. Furthermore, they have a Sativa hybrid and Indica. They also have some for pain with CBD which basically helps with inflammation and any chronic pain. And the THC is a numbing agency, so those work really well together.

They have a one-to-one, which is 10 milligrams of THC and CBD per gummy. So if it would be like for real severe pain. And then they have a two-to-one, which is 10 milligrams of THC and only five milligrams of THC. They also have, if you don’t really want to feel any high from it, they have the strawberry one, and you’re looking for pain relief.

They have 20 milligrams of CBD and one milligram of THC per gummy, and there are 10 gummies in here total. And then they have a fantastic one, which is pear flavor. It’s CBG hybrid. And the CBG basically helps with your digestive tract. It also helps with migraines. And then it’s more if you have liked you were working out and then you.

Sore the next day. It’s good for like spot pain rather than chronic pain. And then WYLD also do have a sleep gummy, which has CBN in it, which is a, basically creates like natural melatonin in the body. Very good for calming you, relaxing you to fall asleep at night. And then it keeps you sleeping during the night too.

So the spray’s really nice, like I said, made from fruit. So it’s a little bit. Less sugar than some of the other ones I’d recommend. If you want to come by and check out the wild products, we have those always. And then on Mondays we do them buy one, get one 50% off.”

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