What Are the Benefits of Marijuana?

What Are the Benefits of Marijuana


“There are many benefits of marijuana. Marijuana can be used in different forms. I feel like the best ones personally for me in terms of pain relief would be edibles because it revolves in your system for up to 12 hours. And I would also recommend it. Topicals for outside pain. There’s a difference between inside pain like you feel it in your nerves, you’re achy, and if you have you got a little crick in your elbow or if you feel a little tightness in the knee, you could use a topical.

I also would look into specific terpenes for pain. I know the one that I look forward to most is mirror sand because it really knocks the pain. You can find that in virtually anything. I usually use Leafly to provide me with information for that. But a couple of products that I like that we carry that help helped me.

In the past have been like our Chill medicated rubs. The RSO from Monster Extracts. We carry an RSO edible that’s absolutely phenomenal. I would recommend that guy. And then even your standard Indica. Indicas are great for pain. I feel marijuana is a lot more of a relaxing factor, instead of having to worry about being like super uptight or worried about other side effects of medications.

Marijuana is the most, it has helped me. It’s benefited me the most in my life. And I haven’t been doing it very long.”

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