What Types of Edibles Are Available?

Edibles take a little longer for the high to hit because they have to digest through your liver.

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From chocolates to gummies, breath mints to peanut butter cups, and crispies to brownies, Wayne Releaf has quite the selection of edibles. If you are new to edibles, always go with a smaller dose, even if you are a long-time smoker. Our edibles will take at least 60-90 minutes to “kick in.“ If you feel you can take more, you are open to finish it. Just a reminder, you can never take too less of an edible, but you can take too much! Edibles take a little longer for the high to hit because they have to digest through your liver. We also have sublingual edibles that dissolve in your mouth and go directly in your bloodstream. That come in tinctures, melts, or sprays.

All different types of edibles at Wayne Releaf.

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More Frequently Asked Questions

Price and edible potency are the primary differences when ordering. Watch to learn more.

Whether you’re new to our store or a return customer, we’re here to help. Watch to learn more.

If marijuana becomes federally legal, it will be easier to accept debit or credit payments. Watch to learn more.

The quality of our products ultimately depend on the quality of your experience. Watch to learn more.

We run daily specials on both sides, medical and recreational, with small variances in each department. Watch to learn more.

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You don’t have to commit yourself to one strain over the other. Listen to your budtender on what’s best. Watch to learn more.

If you’re looking for a body relaxation, avoid a sativa, as you need no more agitation than you’re already experiencing. Watch to learn more.

While bud refers to the plants, our budtenders are more than happy to offer their knowledge and friendly service. Watch to learn more.

Although they may sound similar, THC percentage and ABV (alcohol by volume) are two very different measures of potency. Watch to learn more.

Even if you’ve smoked for decades, edibles are not something to push the boundaries of right away. Watch to learn more.

Papers, pipes, and batteries. If you want more, we probably have it in stock. Watch to learn more.

We’re everywhere you need us to be, online. Watch to learn more.