What to Know When Purchasing Edibles

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Edibles are an exciting and popular product at many cannabis dispensaries, and with good reason. For first-time users, edibles can be less intimidating than smoking, while long-time users often enjoy edibles for the different experience it brings. Also, edibles come in a range of fun flavors and formats.

We’re going to break down everything you might want to know about purchasing edibles from a Detroit dispensary like Wayne Releaf.

How do edibles differ from smoking? Why choose edibles instead of smoking?

 Ingesting cannabis through an edible can get you just as high as smoking, but the experience is often different. Because the THC has to travel through your digestive tract, it can take longer to feel its effects. Once you do, however, it’s often stronger and has a lasting effect.

Edibles are also great for microdosing, or taking smaller doses for the purposes of things like pain relief, since they can easily be cut into pieces. There are also a few options for edibles that are already low dosed. For example, Kiva Petra Mints  are 2.5mg of THC per mint while Kiva Terra Bites have 5mg per piece. Both also come in several flavors.

What should I know before trying edibles for the first time?

There are some requirements for edibles that need to be kept in mind. Recreational edibles cannot be more than 100mg of THC per pack. Most packages are 100mg with 10 pieces (each 10mg), but there are other kinds too, with the most common being 2 pieces (50 mg each) or 5 pieces (20 mg each). Medical edibles can be up to 200mg per package. The most common come in 10 pieces per pack (20mg per pack) or 20 pieces per pack (10mg each).

As already noted, however, there are some brands that are dosed lower.

If you’re consuming edibles for the first time, the key is to be patient and start small. We suggest starting with 10 mg, and if you’ve never consumed THC before, cut that into two or more pieces.

What kinds of edibles are available?

Wayne Releaf offers a variety of edible options. This includes gummies, chocolates, hard candy, lollipops, infused honey, brownies, rice crispy treats, mints, caramels, and mouth spray. We also offer a special on edibles every Monday!

How do I pick the right edible product for me?

The best way to pick the right product is to come to Wayne Releaf and ask! Our budtenders are able to help you select the perfect product for you.

Visit our dispensary from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday, or 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday. We proudly serve Wayne county and surrounding Washtenaw

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