What to Expect When Visiting a Detroit Dispensary

marijuana in jars at a Detroit dispensary for medical and recreational marijauana users

Legalized cannabis of any kind – both medical and recreational – is still relatively new for Detroit residents. For many people who come to Wayne Releaf, it’s their first time inside of a dispensary, and they aren’t sure what to expect. Do you need a medical card to enter a dispensary? What should you know before you visit?

We want to demystify the experience for you by providing some simple tips to make your first visit to Wayne Releaf – or any Detroit area dispensary – a smooth one.

Have your ID with you

We ask for ID every time someone comes to our dispensary! Making sure you have it with you and ready to go ensures that you’re able to get in as quickly as possible. We accept out-of-state IDs for recreational purposes.

Be prepared to set up a profile with us

On your first visit to Wayne Releaf, we will ask you to answer a few simple questions like your name and contact info for our internal use only. We will also ask you to agree to a few rules, including no weapons on property and no reselling items.

Pay with cash

At this time, we are a cash-only shop. We do have ATMs available onsite in case you forget! Make sure you visit one if necessary before getting to the register.

Do you need a medical card to enter a dispensary?

Some dispensaries are strictly medical-only, and you won’t be allowed in without one. Wayne Releaf also offers recreational cannabis, but as medical products are allowed a higher dosage, you’ll still want your card to purchase those specific products. We accept out-of-state medical cards as long as we are able to verify them.

Wait until you get home

We’re just as excited for you to try out your new products as you are, but it is only legal to use cannabis in private in Michigan. Stay safe, and stay home!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Our budtenders love to help our customers find the perfect product for them. No question is a stupid one, so please don’t hesitate!

Visit our dispensary from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday-Saturday, or 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday. We proudly serve Wayne county and surrounding Washtenaw and Oakland counties.

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