Terpene Spotlight: Terpinolene

The terpinolene terpene diagram showing flavor profile and medical impacts.

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It’s time for another terpene spotlight. This time, we’re featuring terpinolene. While lesser known than some of the other terpenes we’ve discussed, it’s found in many strains of cannabis, and is still worth discussing.

Here’s what you need to know.

Where do you find terpinolene?

Unlike some of the more popular terpenes, Leafly notes terpinolene is found in smaller amounts in most cannabis strains, playing support for the more “leading players” of popular terpenes. This doesn’t make it less important, just not as discussed.

As Weedmaps notes, Terpinolene is found in many essential oils, including sage, lilac, rosemary. It’s also found in various trees like conifer, apple and tea. You’ll also find it in products such as body lotions or soaps.

For our purposes, you can find this terpene in strains like Ghost Train Haze and Dutch Treat.

What does terpinolene taste like?

Unlike some of the more obvious terpenes like pinene and limonene, terpinolene’s taste is harder to pin down. It can be described as piney or floral, or maybe even a little citrusy.

Terpinolene’s smell can often be described as “fresh.” This is why you’ll find it in soap or other cleaning products.

What does terpinolene do?

Despite being lesser known, terpinolene has several practical uses. In addition to smelling “fresh” and being used in cleaning products, it can also be used as an insect repellent.

In cannabis, it also has several benefits. This terpene is thought to have more sedative properties, and because of that it can combat insomnia.

For physical ailments, it may also be helpful as an antibacterial. There is also research to suggest that it might be helpful in destroying cancer cells. Clearly, though, more research into the effect of terpinolene is needed.

What terpinolene cannabis product is right for me?

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