It’s no secret that humans have been using cannabis as medicine for as long back as we have record, and for very good reason.  Learn the reasons to keep or apply for a medical marijuana card in Michigan.

Pros outweigh the cons when it comes to getting a Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) card.  Here’s why.

Marijuana as Medicine

There are many real benefits for acquiring and renewing a medical cannabis card in Michigan. From dosage to access and affordability, patients will find plenty of support for their ongoing care on the medical side of cannabis legality.

Lower Cost & Tax Rate

A major benefit offered by Michigan’s medical provisioning centers (PCs) is lower cost for patients, which is extremely important for people who rely on cannabis for medical issues. Imagine needing life-improving medication, but not having it covered by your insurance—that is the reality of medical cannabis patients all over the country.

Now imagine your medicine was also highly taxed and thus very expensive since it also doubled as a recreational joy for many people—that would be the reality of patients if they only had access to recreational facilites.

Medical cannabis PCs allow concessions for patients that recreational shops do not. An example of this can be seen in here in Michigan, where medical cannabis patients avoid the additional 10% adult use marijuana tax that recreational customers must pay.

Medical cards allow patients to have access to their medicine for lower cost, making their healthcare more affordable and accessible.

Adequate Dosing

If you are suffering from a medical condition, dosage is extremely important when it comes to cannabis.  Many patients need access to high-strength cannabis to alleviate symptoms. However, while recreational shops may have to abide by potency limits, medical dispensaries sometimes have more leeway.

For example, here in Michigan, recreational provisioning centers are limited to 200mg of THC per package of tinctures or lotions. Medical centers, however, have a much higher threshold and are legally permitted to sell tinctures or lotions with up to 1,000mg of THC.

Age Restrictions

Recreational shops are permitted to sell cannabis to anyone who is over the age of 21. While this makes sense for the general populous, children who are also cannabis patients wouldn’t have access. Some medical cards allow those who are age 20 and under to legally access the cannabis medicine they need for their healthcare when treating cancer, epilepsy, or other ailments. Drawing a distinction between medical and recreational cannabis is also important in reducing stigmatization of pediatric patients.

Learn the conditions that qualify you for a medical cannabis card in Michigan on our Conditions page.